November 28

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November 28 – 1628 = John Bunyan is born in Elston England.

Proverbs 4:27 “Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your foot away from evil”

John Bunyan, best known for his work “Pilgrim’s Progress”, was born on November 28, 1628.  He was born in Elston, England.  He became a tinker like his father, but also served in the English Civil War on the side of Parliament.  He was converted after the war, and became a member of a non-conformist church after listening to the women of the church discuss theology.  He would later become a pastor of that church, and begin publishing books about the work of Jesus Christ.  As a non-conformist, he was arrested for “refusing to attend church” by that meaning the Anglican Church, as his non-conformist church did not count as going to church.  He spent much time in prison for his non-conformist beliefs.  It is during this time in prison that he writes “Pilgrim’s Progress”.  Bunyan taught people the word of God even while he was behind bars.  After 12 years in prison he was released and continued his labors as pastor of the same church.  Bunyan’s steadfast devotion to following Jesus Christ and proclaiming the name above all names should encourage us in our walk with the Lord to not deviate, but continue on the pilgrimage with the Lord Jesus.


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