November 23

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November 23 – 1531 = Bullinger preaches a sermon that re-awakens the city

Matthew 16:18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

In November of 1531, the Reformation was in a delicate state.  The leader in Switzerland, Zwingli, had died in battle and the Reformed has lost the war.  Zurich now was without a leader as the sting of military defeat hurt Zwingli’s friends such as Oswald Myconius and Leo Juda from being able to take up a leadership role.  The next best Swiss leader was John Oecolampadius who was laying on his death bed in Basle.  The Roman Catholics had hope of reclaiming Zurich.  Then on November 23, 1531, Henry Bullinger preached a sermon that woke the city from its spiritual depression and returned the zeal for the Reformation of the church and the salvation found in Jesus Christ.  Bullinger had been a pastor in Kappel, and had fled during the battle.  His sermon showed the people of Zurich that the Scriptures are still powerful, and other capable preachers existed.  Oswald Myconius is to have said that the people believed the spirit of Zwingli lived on in Bullinger and they rallied to make him the next preacher of Great Munster in Zurich.  Bullinger was sent by the Lord Jesus Christ to carry on the Reformation in Switzerland and take it even beyond the work of Zwingli.  Let us remember in times of distress that God will provide the men, for it is not truly the work of men that promotes the church, but Christ.  And even in apparent defeat, the church will never cease to be.


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