June 30

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June 30 – 1555 = martyrdom of John Bradford

John 21:16 “And Jesus said to him a second time. ‘Simon son of John, Do you love me’?  And He said to Him, ‘Yes Lord you know that I love you’.  He said to him, ‘Tend my sheep’.”

John Bradford was a Reformed pastor during the reign of King Edward of England.  He was greatly loved for his sermons.  When Queen Mary came to the throne and brought back Roman Catholicism, Bradford’s beliefs were rejected.  One Sunday a Romanist minster urged the congregation to accept Romanism, but the crowd grew angry and not even the mayor and sheriff could calm them.  The Roman priest was afraid for his life so he asked Bradford to speak to the crowd.  Bradford did and proclaimed Jesus and dispersed the crowd in peace.  Bradford was later arrested for preaching that day despite doing so by request and to save a man’s life.  He was thrown in prison and there he refused to convert to Catholicism.  Visitors crowded his jail and he held services twice a day.  He basically ran a church out of his jail cell.  The jailors even let him out to go visit the sick if he promised to return and Bradford always did.  On June 30, 1555. Bradford was put to death by burning early in the morning at 4 am in an attempt to keep away the crowds, an attempt that failed miserably.  Bradford died faithful to his savior Jesus Christ.

More about John Bradford’s death can be learned from pg35-36 of “In God’s Name” or “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs”.


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