June 28

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June 28 – 1667 – Electress Louisa Henrietta of Brandenburg dies.

Job 13:15 “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.”

Electress Louisa Henrietta of Brandenburg, author of many hymns such as Jesus My Redeemer Lives, died on June 28, 1667.  She was born in Holland, but married the Elector of Brandenburg.  She saw firsthand the devastation that the wars of Europe caused and was known for her charity and caring especially for those displaced and widowed by war.  Her piety was well known and is on display in her songs and hymns.  But her faith is also on display on her death bed.  She caught an illness while visiting her subjects during a war with Sweden, and after an Easter sermon, she was so weak that she asked to be taken by to Berlin to see her husband one last time.  She suffered greatly on that slow trip back to Berlin.  Her husband came to her, and accompanied her back to Berlin.  There she lay in bed continuing to weaken.  She talked of Christ and the Scriptures with her husband and their court preacher, Stosch.  Her last words were an answer to a question asked by Rev. Stosch.  “Do you feel that God is gracious?” and despite her long suffering and looming death she answered without a doubt, “Yes”.  Then she died.  Louisa Henrietta set an example in life and in death about the gracious love of Jesus Christ and how that affects our lives and how we face even the valley of the shadow of death.

Learn more about Electress Louisa Henrietta in James I Good’s “Famous Women of the Reformation” pg.147


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