June 21

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June 21 – 1621 = execution of many Bohemian nobles (most Reformed) for electing Frederick king.

Psalm 86:17 “Show me a sign of your favor, that those who hate me may see and be put to shame.”

Bohemia had elected Frederick of the Palatinate to be their king instead of the now Emperor.  Bohemia had gone over to the Reformed faith leaving Catholicism behind.  This caused the 30 Years’ War.  However, Bohemia was quickly defeated and the leaders who put Frederick on the throne were killed on June 21, 1621.  The 27 who were condemned to die prayed the night before and read over Psalm 86:17.  The Lord sent them a sign to warm their hearts the morning of their death, a double rainbow appeared in the sky.  They then faced their death with dignity, courage, and grace.  Men such as Joachim Schilk, count of Passau, who volunteered to go first and was beheaded.  And then came Baron Wencesalaus, who still argued from the Scriptures with his executioners, and Christopher Harant, who was beheaded while still at prayer.  More could be said of the 86 year old knight, Baron Kaplirz, or Professor Jessenius, whose tongue was cut out first, but we have not the time.  Their heads and right hands were all kept up on a nearby bridge for 10 years until the Romanists were driven from Bohemia and the bones removed by the Protestant army.  The Lord receives His own to himself, and in this we can all take great comfort, no matter the manner of death.

Details can be found in James I Good’s “Post Reformation Germany” pg.34 and more including names can be found in J.A. Wylie’s “History of Protestantism” pg.1623 Vol.3


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