December 26

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December 26 – 1647 =  Scots visit Charles I in prison and promise to raise an army for him if he allows Presbyterianism in Scotland.

Psalm 146:3 Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.

Scotland had been Presbyterian since 1560.  They had just helped England put down Charles 1 when he tried to enforce Anglicanism upon the country.  However, Scotland was worried about what would happen next as Oliver Cromwell, an Independent, rose to power in England.  The General Assembly of Scotland signed a promise to aid Charles I if he promised to leave Scotland Presbyterian.  So, on December 26, 1647, Scots visited Charles I in prison and made this deal with him known now as the Engagement.  As you might imagine this went poorly for Scotland.  They were defeated by Cromwell in 1648 and Charles I was put to death in 1649.  Scotland tried again with the exiled Charles II, but Cromwell won again in 1651.  While the desire to protect Presbyterianism was admirable, the desire to tie it to the state was less so, and the choice of Charles I, even less so.  The Church has but one head, one king, and that is Jesus.  It needs no other.


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