December 23

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December 23 – 1528 = the people of Basel marched to council from Carpenter Guild Hall to demand reformation.  Catholics barred their way with lances and maces, but they got through.

Luke 1:33 and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end.”

Basel was the newest canton of Switzerland in 1528.  And like many of the other cantons the Reformed message of the Reformation had made an impact.  John Oecolampadius preached from St. Martin’s church the truth of salvation by faith alone.  He was soon followed by Konrad Pellican as a traveling Franciscan monk who proclaimed the truth throughout the city.  Before long St. Leonhard called Marcus Bertschi, who followed the doctrines of the Reformation.  The city council tried to walk the middle, but the growing Reformed majority demanded action.  On December 23, 1528 people marched from the Carpenter’s Guild Hall to City Hall to petition the city council in person for the ending of the Mass and the promotion of the Reformation.  A band of Roman Catholics armed themselves with lances and maces and barred the path.  But without fear and with determination the Reformed marched through the Romanists despite the threats.  They made their petition and it marked the beginning of the end of neutrality in Basel.  Before the next year was out Basel had outlawed the Mass, reorganized the churches, and declared openly for Reformation.  The people would not be satisfied with anything less that the pure word of God proclaimed.



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