April 8

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April 8

HC#36 – Exodus 12:1-32

The familiar story of the Passover is one that always ought to remind us of the wrath our sin deserves, but also the great mercy of God our Father.  It points us to the final passover lamb of Jesus Christ, and it is a great example of innocence being given to others and covering our sins in the sight of God.

Notice verse 5 tells us that the lamb chosen for the Passover must be a lamb without blemish.  In other words it had to be a perfect looking lamb.  Not one with a limp or other imperfections that would make it worth less.  It had to a lamb that was of great value because of its perfection, and that lamb was to be the one slaughtered and have its blood paint the doorway of the house.  Verse 13 also tells us that when God or His angel sees the blood, He will passover the house and not visit the punishment of death upon the house.  It is repeated again in verse 23.  And in verse 29 we see the Lord accomplish what he had promised.  God’s avenging angel passes through Egypt, and passover the houses with the blood of a lamb on their doorposts.  The others experience the wrath of God and the destroyer enters in and claims the firstborn of the house even of the livestock (v.29).  It did not matter social rank or wealth or status.  From the captive to the Pharaoh himself came death from the Lord God.  Only under the covering of the blood of the lamb could one be protected from such wrath.  This is the ultimate picture of the necessity of our being under a covering, a covering that is not imperfect, but rather a covering of blood that is without sin and innocent and holy.  Only under that covering do we have comfort of life eternal.

It is important that we remember that our God is wrath.  That we still need a covering.  And that covering is Jesus Christ, conceived by the Holy Spirit giving Him that innocence and holiness to be our covering.  Thank God today for the immaculate conception of Christ because in it is the seed of our salvation from God’s wrath on sin.


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