April 29

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April 29

HC#43 – Colossians 3:1-17

The Old King James Version of Colossians 3:5 is “Mortify the deeds of your flesh”.  Mortify is one of those good words we don’t use enough anymore.  It means put to death, to kill.  That is what our sinful old man deserves.  We who are new creatures cannot continues to live in the sinful nature.  It must be put to death.

However, think of the command for a moment.  Mortify the deeds of your flesh.  Mortify your own doing.  Mortify the flesh within our self.  You are at war with yourself.  And you must kill your sinful self.  Do not think you are to do this by your own strength and your own power.  Such thinking actually belongs to the old man, the flesh itself.  You are going to be unable to win this war.  But that is another benefit of the cross, the war is won for you already.  And by the power of Christ on the cross, you can have your old man put to death.  Not by your own strength, but by Christ in you.  Colossians talks of letting the peace of Christ rule in you (v.15), and letting the word of Christ dwell in you richly (v.16).  Note those are passives.  We are letting something happen to us.  Because it is Christ who wins the victory with His peace and His word, with His actions on the cross.  Our old man is put to death, mortified, or slain by Jesus when he allowed Himself to be crucified.  Thus, the death on the cross is not just something for our justification, but our sanctification.  Or in other words, it does not just get us into heaven, it aids us in the battle against sin here on earth right now.

Think on the power of the cross and ask the Lord to let His word dwell in you richly and His peace.  Ask the Lord to help you mortify the flesh and all that is sinful within you.

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