April 28

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April 28

HC#43 – Romans 8:1-17

Paul here begins with a discussion about Christ and what He did for us.  There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus because He fulfilled the law, did what the law could not do because of our weak sinful flesh.  He has saved us.  He then dwells in us by the Spirit so that despite our body of death, sinful nature, we can know we have life because the one who returned from the dead and defeated sin is working within us.  Then it transitions again in verse 12 to speak of our life now of putting to death the deeds of the body and being heirs with Christ, and that because of Jesus we are given the spirit of adoption able to cry out Abba, Father.

Re-read it if you need to do so to see the flow of Paul’s thought.  The death of Christ does more than simple salvation from sin, but also aids our fight against sin through the Spirit dwelling within us.  It gives us access to God making prayer not only an option, but a privelage and a right as sons and daughters of God.  The cross of Jesus then also teaches us, helps us, and motivates us to cast aside sinful ways and to live according to One who rose again from the dead.  This section answers exactly the question of the Heidelberg.  Is the cross only about paying the price for sin?  No, we receive so much more from that wonderful sacrifice.  Spirit of adoption, Christ dwelling in us, victory over sin not just in an eternal sense, but in an internal sense as well.  All of it comes from Christ and His work on the cross that has removed us from condemnation to sanctification.

Thanks be to God for His giving us life everlasting and the power to fight against sin in this life.  Nothing is to great for what Christ has done.  Thus, tackle your sins today.  Know that you can defeat them by the power of Christ, who gives you life and dwells within us.



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