April 27

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April 27

HC#42 – I Corinthians 15:35-58

Paul here reminds us of the nature of our body.  Our bodies are born in sin, and thus they must be changed.  There is no payment for sin in our death, but there is a purging and dying to sin in order that we might enter into eternal life.

Paul paints a beautiful picture here of death.  The seed that falls to the ground and then sheds itself and a plant bursts forth from the seed and grows.  The seed is eventually used up and replaced by roots, and if you were to dig that plant up at a later time you would not be able to find the seed that you dropped to the ground so long ago.  He draws his conclusions from this in verse 42.  Our life after death is like the seed.  Now we are in dishonor, weakness, perishable, and natural bodies, but after death it is all changed.  We are raised up in honor, power, imperishable, and spiritual bodies.  But the seed is necessary and so too is this life, and even this body.  As frustrating as it may be sometimes, it is part of God’s order and plan.  God has ordered the physical body comes first from Adam, and then comes the life everlasting and the spiritual body from Christ.  Death then is not the end, but rather the means to an end.  It is how we go from the weakness, the dishonor, and the dust made bodies to the powerful, honorable, and spiritually made bodies.  And this is not through our own power by any means.  It is by the power and mercy of Christ Jesus.  He has given us, as He himself is the one who defeated death and showed it is not the end, but rather a doorway to life eternal.

God orders all things.  He has set us in our bodies, and He will give us spiritual bodies after death.  Let us look forward to the time when our seed-bodies are spent and the spiritual bodies have sprung forth.  In Christ, Amen.


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