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April 23

HC#41 – Matthew 27:62-28:15

Matthew records for us the interesting reaction of the Jewish leaders.  They knew Jesus said He would rise again, so they wanted guards.  Then the guards report back, Jesus rose again, and they do not repent.  Rather they try to hide it suppress it.  They take great financial risk to cover it up.  They circulate a lie about it.

Why do we confess that Jesus was buried?  Because He really died, and He really was buried, and thus He really rose from the dead.  It is a sad thing to admit, but people are slow to believe, and they lie.  Lies exist about Jesus and what really happened.  Our confession must make clear what we really believe.  These lies may have started the day of the resurrection, but they are still around with us today.  Sometimes in a new form.  These deniers say things like, “Jesus never really rose from the dead, it is just something the disciples made up later to help cover up their embarrassment for being wrong.”  Or “Jesus only appeared to die”.  Or sometimes even “That never really happened.”  But Jesus was buried.  It is a historical fact.  They had a funeral for him.  His friends came to His grave to mourn.  They wrapped him in cloths as was the custom of burial at the time.  He was in the ground Friday, Saturday, and until Sunday morning.  People all around knew Jesus was dead.  Remember the events in Luke 24 where the two men on the road to Emmaus are amazed that someone did not know Jesus was dead (it turned out they were talking to Jesus).  His life had been widely followed, His death was just as widely known.  We confess that Jesus was buried because it is a fact, and it is important to confess this fact of the Bible.  He did not die in appearance, it was not al lie, and it did happen.  All of these historical facts make up the back bone of our faith.  It is a truth and one that ought to be confessed.

Praise the Lord that the Bible is true.  That the events recorded in it truly happened.  Do not fall for the first lie of Satan, “Did God really say . . . ”  Ask God to protect you from such temptations and attacks.



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