April 21

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April 21

HC#40 – Hebrews 2:5-9

Jesus tasted death for us.  This is what the author of Hebrews tells us in verse 9 of chapter 2.  The world to come in under the authority of Jesus Christ because He suffered and died for us.  Note that it was for us.  Everyone who believes in Him.  Jesus tasted death, so that we would not have to taste eternal death.

Jesus had to suffer the cross as He did because the justice of God required it.  He had to taste death, so that we would not taste eternal death.  Our sins deserve it.  Remember that the punishment for sin is death. That fact goes all the way back to Genesis 2.  Sin begets death.  This is more than a simple cycle, it is what God decreed is right and just.  So death had to occur.  But for us to have life everlasting, someone else had to taste the death that our sins deserved.  Someone had to suffer it in our place, and it could not just be anyone.  Only that perfect Son of God Hebrews is telling us about.  His death meant everything.  His death bought our life.  So the next time someone says, “Why did Jesus have to die, couldn’t there have been another way?”  Make sure you answer, “Not and have us be saved from our sins.”

Death is what we deserve.  Confess that truth.  Understand the weight of your sin when you confess such a truth.  Then realize that many out there still live under this condemnation of eternal death.  Go and tell them of the freeing death of Jesus.  Pray for them, and pray for opportunities to share.


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